The Adventure Begins

Oh, there’s something wonderful about a clean slate, isn’t there?  The first post of a brand new blog. Welcome!

Well, I suppose it’s time to catch everyone up to speed and summarize what’s been going on in my world to get me to where I am today, where to start…

2012 was a rough year for me; the combination of a broken heart and career doubts and frustrations made navigating daily life and what I was doing and where I was going very difficult.  But eventually you get to a point where you’re tired of being sad, and it’s just time to put the peices back together and move on, so slowly but surely I started getting back to a place where I felt like me again. Hey, I’m not trying to say all’s well all day and every day, but at least I’m finally in a place where I’m no longer living in the shiny and wonderful past and am able to live in a present that has some really incredible moments.

Over the past few months, I’d been playing with this idea of traveling the world.  At first it seemed crazy, absolute insanity.  I had a list of 10 places in all different corners of the world and I wanted to go to all of them.  Prague, Costa Rica, Thailand, the list went on.  And then the logical brain would kick in and tell me I was being a crazy person and would remind me of how absolutely terrifying doing something like that is.  And then I’d be sitting at my desk and would start daydreaming of faraway places again.  So slowly over the course of a couple months, after a lot of conversations with people I trust, a lot of long hard looks in the mirror, a foggy plan came together.  I decided on Europe for a ton of reasons, but one of the biggest was that I’d been before, twice actually, making it much more comfortable.  Also,since Europe is so condensed, I’ll be able to see so many wonderful things without having to go as far.  And lastly, I hope to make this a somewhat practical experience by exploring some of my interests in hopes that I will figure out what my next step should be.

Since making this decision, it hasn’t been an easy road.  My family is concerned about my safety (and rightfully so!), and I’m concerned about it as well, along with a million other things.  Am I going to be able to handle not having any friends, any family, and not being able to chat up random strangers because I don’t speak the language? Is going to the Louvre as awesome when you don’t have someone to geek out with over all of the amazing art? What does one pack when they are going to work on a farm AND visit urban areas?  How am I going to keep up this glorious shade of red when I’m 6,000 miles away from my stylist?  Is this all one huge mistake?  But being the “worst case scenario” girl that I am, I am slowly coming to grips with all of the potential failures I could possibly have, and keep trying to remind myself about how much I have to gain by doing this.

So that’s my story.  I’ll be writing about my travel plans as they progress, as well as my last month in the comforts of my home in the company of the coolest people I’ve ever met.  I hope to see you back soon!


2 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. I just now read this, and it’s beautiful. I’m so happy for you. Please keep sharing your adventures on FB. I often peek at them there. xoxo

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