Christmas Crafting

For the past couple weeks my mom and I have gone to town having a “Christmas Renaissance” at our house, which means trading out the items we have been decking the halls with since 1989 (or earlier?) for some new, updated, Pinterest inspired decor.  New garland, ornaments hanging from windows, and my personal favorite, a tiny little tree in the bay window.

Baby Christmas Tree

I just love its tiny cuteness.  I’ve also been crocheting up a storm. I can’t post many of the items I’ve made just yet, because they’ve yet to be given, but I can show the two that I have given out.  For my work holiday party, we did a holiday gift exchange, and I got my good friend Ginny.  Ginny is a hoot, and I’m never really sure what’s going to come out of her mouth.  She’s also probably reading this, don’t worry Gin I’ll be nice.  Ginny has said some glorious thing to me over the years such as, “Brittany, you don’t know… EVERYONE raises bears in their homes!”, “You should run out on to the 60 Freeway, but leave your poncho and all of your jewelry,” and my personal favorite, “Can you send me the link to Google?”  Jokes aside, she’s a good friend and her supportive words about living a fulfilling life and having no regrets helped me in making my decision to take this wonderful trip, so I wanted to thank her by making something especially nice.  So I crocheted her this scarf:

Ginny's Scarf

I made this scarf by chaining about a million times, maybe 72″, turning a doing a row of single crochets, turning and doing a row of a double crochet then chain 1 and skip a loop,  and then repeating over and over until it was about 72″ x 12″, and then I connected the ends to make it an infinity scarf.  This was made by using an acrylic wool blend, so it’s super soft and comfy.

The whole time I was making the scarf she kept telling me how much she loved it and how great this grey color is; I’m not sure but I think she thought it was for Nana, so I was tickled when I got to give it to her. 

Then I ended up making a headband  for her neice, who she says reminds her of me all the time.  I personally love this one, and may be making one for myself one day.


This is super simple, made by a combination of single crochets… I’d say these take about an hour and a half.

BC Headband

I still have a ton of creating to do before Christmas, I’m basically going to be a human sweatshop until December 25th… but it’s all going to be worth it!


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