The Magical Wheel of Cheese

Okay, I haven’t written in awhile so I have alot to catch up on!! It sucks to be so busy having fun, right?

Friday night (January 18) I went to a nice restaurant in a residential area in Rome with my two flatmates, Iyabo and her daughter Dare (pronouced Da-ray), and I met their friend Claudia.  Claudia made a great choice in restaurants.  As we were sitting at the table enjoying a number of different types of bruschetta, the waiter comes over and takes a huge wheel of cheese, pours in alcohol, and lights it on fire.


The picture is a little blurry, I was concerned about getting lit on fire at this point.  Then, this little man did something I’d never seen before.  He puts pasta and tomatoes into that magical flaming wheel of cheese, and starts scraping off the cheese and tossing it with the pasta.


And then that magical little man put that pasta on my plate, and I ate it all up. It was AMAZING.  I was so excited. I’m still really excited about it.  I learned from Claudia that this is called “pasta en forma”, or basically in pasta cooked in the “form” of the cheese.  Most places wouldn’t have this listed on their menu, but since Claudia goes there often she knows the right things to order.


Seriously. Who gets to eat things like this? I was in awe. We had the pasta shown above, and cacio e pepe, which is a dish typical of Rome and is simply spaghetti type noodles with cheese and pepper.  To me, the best part of Italian food is it’s so simple, but when done right, its mind blowing.

The rest of this night was fantastic.  Since this night, Claudia and I have become fast friends.  Iyabo is such a kind woman that took such good care of me the weekend she was here, and her daughter Dare is this awesome chick who’s smart, a little edgy, and has really great taste in movies and tv.  After dinner Claudia drove us around Rome, showing us the sights, and took us to Giancolo hill, one of the 7 hills Rome was built on, and it overlooks the city and St. Peters.

IMG_2995We stayed out until 3 or 4 in the morning, exploring, chatting and enjoying each others company. Rome is such an amazing city by night, it seems a shame to only see its most famous monuments by day.  If you ever come to Rome, take my advice, see the major monuments by night, you wont be sorry.

Also, if you think all my posts are going to be about food, you’d be correct.



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