Rome = Friends, Pasta, and Art

My last weekend in Rome… for NOW, that is! I can’t imagine a world where I say goodbye to Rome forever!

Ahh what can I say about this trip. I’ve met so many wonderful characters.  My friendship with Claudia has blossomed so quickly, and I am so thankful to her for giving me an insiders view to life in Rome and Italy.  So many wonderful conversations about love, business, politics, and starting over.  She brought me into her group of friends, took me to so many social events, and even brought me to a yoga class on Thursday night! What a wonderful experience, yoga in Italian!

Every night at the aperitivo,  we would talk in both English and Italian, and even though I’m slow and my brain shuts down when anyone asks me a question, listening to her and her friends speak in rapid Italian opens up my mind so much! She is one of the most loving and accepting people I’ve ever met and I’m SO very thankful.

Me and Claudia
Me and Claudia

Tonight, we went to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni to see an exhibit on Robert Doisneau, a Parisian photographer.  It was wonderful.


Walking around, I’m always struck by the beautiful sights.  The room I’m renting now is maybe 3 blocks from the Collesseum, so it’s shocking whenever I go outside.


Roma is for Lovers!
Roma is for Lovers!
Street Art
Street Art

After the exposition we went to the aperitvo. Which brings me to Angelo. Sweet sweet Angelo, my kindred spirit who loves cooking for people, but is constantly worried that they wont like it.  One night, he asked me how the food was, and I told him “Buonissimo Angelo!!” and he said “Issimo, issimo issimo? or just issimo?” (translation: really really really? or just… really?).  Every night when I’d leave he’d tell me, “You must stay in Rome, you’re not allowed to leave.” So tonight when I told him I was leaving for Istanbul, he was very upset, which in turn made me upset! Mio caro Angelo! I wish I had a picture with him, but instead I have a picture of his pasta…

Angelo's amazing pasta!
Angelo’s amazing pasta!

I hope to meet my wonderful friends again soon! But now I’m going to Istanbul! This whole trip has been crazy. I’ve been unable to find people who will host me on their farms, so instead I decided to travel now instead of waiting until later in the trip. So I booked a last minute flight to Istanbul and off I go!!! CRAZY!!! Then I’ll be going to Athens on Friday, and after that who knows, I’m open to suggestions!

Ciao Roma, I will see you again soon!


2 thoughts on “Rome = Friends, Pasta, and Art

  1. Hey Bee, I was just telling your mom, how amazing your writing is. I feel like I am taking this trip with you, and it warms my heart to see that you are meeting new people that are as amazing as you are!
    Safe travels my friend, continue to keep us updated!! I can taste the pasta and wine like it is riht here at my desk!!!

    1. Hi Charla!!! So glad you are reading so we can keep in touch!! This trip is all kinds of magic, but crazy stressful!!!! Trying to find the balance…. Much love!

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