February 12th

16 years ago today the best friend I’ve ever had was born, and I was there to witness it.

I was 9 years old, and I was so excited because I got to stay home from school. I remember spilling a bowl of chicken noodle soup and covering it up with a pillow, hoping Mom wouldn’t notice. And I remember those 3 little furry babies being born, and that was the first day I met Scout.


To say that Scout was a great dog is an understatement. As a puppy she was fun and rambunctious, always licking everything. I wanted to name her Licker, 9 year old me not understanding that it sounded pretty disgusting and/or might be mistaken for Liquor and everyone would think my parents were lushes.


I remember as an emotional teenager, I would sit on the ground with her and cry, and pet her until I felt better. I remember as an emotional 20 something I would do the same. It’s like she understood I was hurting, and she knew that by laying with me and being still, maybe the occasional attempt to lick my face, that she could make it feel a little better.


She had this awesome way of being able to make you laugh when you were taking yourself a little too seriously or were too engaged in something that wasn’t her (how dare you!). If you were on the computer, her face was on the keyboard. If you were watching tv, she would bap you with her paw until you paid attention to her.



When I left for college and then would return home, she would be angry at me. She wouldn’t come when I called, wouldn’t let me pet her. But once I took her on a run everything was better and we were the best of friends again.

As an only child, Scout was the closest thing I got to a sister. And what a great sister she was. For my of my childhood and into adulthood I was lucky enough to have the most wonderful companion, who was faithful, loving, and funny.

In the few short months since she’s been gone, a hole has formed in my heart that will never be full again, because I believe Scout was the greatest dog that ever has and ever will live. I miss her every day, especially today on what would be her 16th birthday.

Scoutie girl, I miss you more than words can explain.


Mom, if you’re reading this I’m sorry for making you cry.


6 thoughts on “February 12th

  1. Oh Bee, what lovely memories you have of Scout, it wonderful to be able to share them with you. She will be missed, there is still a hole in your mom’s hearts, and she may have teared up a smidge but only cause we were getting ready to go to lunch did I see it….but she also looked at the pictures and celebrated by remembering!!! I’m sorry for your loss in Scout!!! But love to pieces that you have such AMAZING memories!

  2. Hey Little Traveler, What a beautiful blog about your dog. YOU are so loving and kind, I hope you are spreading your kindness and warm spirit to everyone you met on your adventure. YOU are truly a gift to everyone who has the pleasure of knowing you! With love, Patty Vogan

  3. Ditto what your dad said….I’m so sorry I didn’t know. She and my Roxie can run around in doggie heaven together. Glad to see you are blogging again – looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  4. Nothing like starting my morning off at work crying in my cubicle while reading this. Love you Crail! And miss you bunches! Just remember all dogs go to heaven…and remember that book you read–she’s going to find her way back into your life again ❤ I hope you're having lots of fun in Dublin!

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