Eating My Way Around Portugal

Cafe Fábulas

I ate here on my first day in Lisbon, and I fell in love. I typically have a lot of trust in the serving staff of a restaurant to give me good recommendations, and this time it really paid off. I ordered the shrimp curry, which seemed strange for Portugal, and it was absolutely delicious. If it wouldn’t have made me look like a beast, I would have licked the plate. Served with a class of Vinho Tinto, I was a happy girl. For dessert I ordered an apple and walnut crumble, and it was absurdely good. I sat on the patio and wrote in my journal about all my private thoughts that you fine folks don’t get access to, enjoyed the beautiful day, my wonderful food, and the wine. From that moment I knew I’d love Portugal, and I have been right so far. At one moment during the meal it began to pour rain while staying sunny. Since I was under an umbrella I wasn’t concerned. If anything it made the meal better. All of this, plus a coffee was had for 21 euro.

"The term organic is not just an ideology but the only orientation for the future of sustainable agriculture" “The term organic is not just an ideology but the only orientation for the future of sustainable agriculture”

Restaurante “O Pedrouços”
Av. Brasília- Doca de Belém

This meal was out of control delicious. My friend Joe and I took the tram to Belém, and walked along the waterfront in hopes of finding a good restaurant. After a few that were ridiculously expensive, we decided to settle on one just because we were so hungry. Well, we got insanely lucky, as it was everything you’d want out of a meal. The service was fantastic, and our server, Monica, took pleasure in finding the best authentic dishes for us to try. We split two main dishes: arroz de mariscos, which included fish, mussels, and shrimp stewed with rice in a tomato broth, and a meat dish that included braised pork, chickpeas, chorizo, pasta, and cabbage.

IMG_3756 IMG_3757

This was followed up by one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. It’s called toucinho do céo, and it’s made from pumpkin, egg yolks, and sugar. It’s very custardy, but honestly, quite perfect. Siggghhh.


I don’t remember the final price on this one, but it also included a litre of wine. Which is probably why I don’t remember.

Príncipe do Calhariz I ate here on the reccomendation of one of the staff of the hostel I’m staying at, and it was just what I was looking for on my last day in Lisbon. I ordered the steak with ham and piri piri sauce and garlic, rice, and fries, with a half bottle of wine. I also ordered a typical Portuguese dessert, similar to creme brulee, and a coffee. Again, the total came out at about 21 euro, but I left him a nice tip because he did such a wonderful job recommending my meal and wine.


Restaurante Bufete Fase

Rua de Santa Catarina 1147, Porto, Portugal

I couldn’t remember the name of this restaurant to save my life, because I kept calling it 1147, but luckily I was able to find it because it supposedly serves the best Francesinha in Porto. Francesinha, which means ‘little French girl’, are traditional sandwiches from Porto, and they are plain ridiculous. Similar to the Heart Attack Cafe in Arizona, this sandwich is likely to give you a heart attack before you walk out the door. Inside the sandwich, there is 5 different types of meat: steak, ham, roast beed, and 2 different types of sausage. As if that weren’t bad enough, they then cover this sandwich in cheese, and then drench it in a spicy sauce. It is amazingly ridiculous, and you can’t go to Porto without trying one.


Unfortunately, I also ate some meals that I didn’t write down or take pictures of the name of the place, so all I have is a vague memory of where to find it.

The first was a place in Lisbon that served absolutely lovely squid. Near Rossio square facing the direction of water, it can be found through the archway, and it’ll be the first restaurant on the left.



A wine recommendation that I remember from a small place in Porto that I went randomly with 3 new Irish friends is a red wine (vinho tinto) called Cartola. IT WAS DELICIOUS.

After a week in Portugal, I’m astounded by the quality of the food and wine, all for a reasonable price. I must admit, the Portuguese are fighting really hard to steal my fancy from Italian food and wine, they are coming in at a close second. What a wonderful culinary trip around this gorgeous country, I hope to come back soon.


3 thoughts on “Eating My Way Around Portugal

  1. I’m so glad I waited to read this at lunch time! Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures and descriptions….. yummy!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Sharon! When I’m back in the states you and Charles will have to come over for my Portuguese cooking experiments… Plus the wine!

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