Almuerzo Españolas

Before I went to Morocco, I met with Julie in Granada, Spain, where she is studying at what she affectionately calls “Princess School”.  I was unbelievably lucky to get invited to not one, but two, Spanish lunches with her host mom, Amparro.  Getting invited into someones home for lunch in Spain is a really big deal, so I felt especially important to be invited to two.

For the first lunch, Amparro made a salad and a Spanish tortilla, which is made with queso, potato, and egg. It was really delicious, but the highlight for me was drinking tea at the mesa camilla with Amparro and Julie.  A mesa camilla is a table that has a space heater under it and has blankets underneath the tablecloth.  It is pure magic, and I have to find out how to get one once I actually live in one place, since I’m pretty sure they are a huge fire hazard it might be kind of difficult.

For the second lunch, Amparro invited her family over because her son was in town visiting, so it was a special occaison.  Walking into the house after a day spent walking around, we were greeted with the magical scent of seafood paella.

Steamy Seafood Paella
Steamy Seafood Paella


The first avocados I've had in months. Delicious.
The first avocados I’ve had in months. Delicious.

The paella was just wonderful, I wish I had asked for the recipe. It contained fish, shrimp, mussels, tomatoes, and artichokes. I went back for seconds even though I was so stuffed because it was soooo delicious.

Meeting Amparro was such a great experience. She was so welcoming and kind having just met me, and filled my belly with so much delicious food.  She was patient as I struggled through my Spanish, and though I was mostly quiet, we still had two great afternoons.  Julie is such a lucky girl!


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