Macarons in Paris

For the past week I’ve been in Paris, and as any self-respecting human you should know that when in Paris, you eat macarons. PERIOD. It doesn’t matter that they are extremely expensive, especially when you’re doing really fun foreign exchange conversions in your head and then you realize how much those macarons are actually costing you, so you only order 3 instead of trying every flavor.  My friend Pierre-Etienne and resident Parisian hooked me up by telling me where to get the best maracons in Paris, and I was not dissapointed.

Pierre Hermé
Pierre Hermé

DSC01439 DSC01440

Flavor # 1 – Jardin Japonais, or Japanese Garden.  Cherry, lemon, and tonka bean, eating in front of the fountain at Saint-Michel

Flavor #2: Chocolate, eaten at Galerie du Vert Galant.DSC01459Flavor #3: Creme Brulee, eaten at the RERC Line Les Invalides.

Strangely enough, the Jardin Japonais was my favorite flavor, while the park on Île de la Cite was my favorite location. I personally think its worth it to make a trip to Paris based solely on macarons…



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