Beer, Waffles, Chocolate, and Fries

On my last day in Paris, I didn’t have a plan and had no idea where I was going, so I spontaneously chose Brussels as a midway point from Paris to Amsterdam (the idea of sitting on a bus for 8 hours is repulsive to me).  I knew nothing about Brussels except that it is the capital of the European Union and there are some really delicious sprouts named after them. Oh, and that Belgium is famous for its beer, waffles, and chocolate (no brainer). Brussels turned out to be really amazing.  In my first few hours there, I met my amazing friend Dana (she starred in the “Detained” screenplay), and she convinced me to stay a few extra days in Brussels with her; where we then continued on together to Amsterdam and then onto Cambridge–oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Brussels!

The Food:

If you’re ever in Brussels, please eat dinner at Nuet Nigenoug, which means ‘The Greedy Glutton’, and get just about anything on the menu… it’s all fantastic.  I had Boulettes de Veau a la Gantoise, or veal meatballs with a white beer sauce, served with stoemp, a mash with veggies. Dana had a veggie curry, also amazing.

DSC01538 DSC01539Oh right, did I mention the apple tart? Fantastic.

Also on the list of must eats while in Brussels– fries and waffles.  Seriously. Don’t miss out.  The fries are double fried. Yes, you read correctly. Double fried.

Fries with "Brazil Sauce"-- I still don't know what Brazil sauce is other than good.
Fries with “Brazil Sauce”– I still don’t know what Brazil sauce is other than good.
Belgian waffle with Belgian chocolate... for the win!
Belgian waffle with Belgian chocolate… for the win!

The Beer:

The Delirium Cafe boast one of the largest beer selections in the world, the beer menu is the size of a phone book, it’s out of control.

Delirium Tremens
Delirium Tremens
Cheers AGAIN!
Cheers AGAIN!

The Vintage Shopping:

Dana and I spent a day vintage shopping while in Brussels (and pretty much every other city we’ve been together at this point).  We both agreed that getting out of the city center into a more ‘hipster’ neighborhood in Brussels really made the trip for us.  I highly recommend Gabriele Vintage, where I purchased a 1950’s turban style hat and some superb burgundy leather gloves.

The Sights:

Brussels is extremely small for being a major European capital, so easy to walk and see everything without using busses or metros.  Please make time for the Magritte Museum, or as Pierre-Etienne told me, “We shouldn’t be friends anymore.”

The Grand Place
The Grand Place
The Grand Place panorama style... how is it I forgot my camera did this until now?
The Grand Place panorama style… how is it I forgot my camera did this until now?
Me and Dana at the Grand Place
Dana and me at the Grand Place
Pretty churches everywhere (and flowers... spring?)
Pretty churches everywhere (and flowers… spring?)
A view towards the museums district
A view towards the museums district
Awesome street art
Awesome street art


Mannekin Pis:

I honestly don’t even know what to say about this. Brussels’ most famous monument is a fountain of a little boy peeing. ‘Nuf said.

Mannekin Pis
Mannekin Pis
How do you not make fun of something like this? I'm so classy.
How do you not make fun of something like this? I’m so classy.

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