25 Things To Remind Yourself To Do At 25

This article is absolutely fantastic, and as I have a few more months of being 25, here are my thoughts. Read the article, and then come back for my commentary, otherwise this will all seem strange and disjointed.

2. Mom and Dad, I know phone service out here is shitty/expensive, wifi sucks so I can’t FaceTime as much as I used to… but I love you, and I mean it and think it every single day. I miss you more than words can explain, so just take my I love you and multiply it times a million.
5. Quitting my job at 25 was the best idea I’ve ever had. I may not be getting resume experience, but I’m getting life experience, seeing the world, and “interfacing with new cultures.” That’s something they like to see on resumes, no?
6. Truth.
7. I really love this one. I would really love to find a pinky-swear partner, but until then I’m enjoying every moment of being alone.
8. Done, and done.
14. Errrr… failing on this one perhaps…
16. I think that this one is especially important. I could write heaps on the topic, and anyone who has met me on my journey has heard me wax philosophical on this topic for days. I should probably write a whole post on this.
19. My motto since I learned to read. Fun fact: When I was a kid and bored in the bath, I used to read the back of shampoo/soap bottles just to have something to read.
22. Love.
23. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Due to this philosophy I have made some really great friends out of strangers.

And last but not least, number 25. Maybe quitting my job and traveling across the world is my giant mistake, perhaps I’m totally fucking up my future (pardon my language!). But I wouldn’t change my life for anything in the world right now.

Thought Catalog

1. Floss at least once a day. A wise person once told me (could have been Aristotle, could have been my mother, could have been my childhood dentist dressed up in a Mickey Mouse costume) that having a clean mouth is the root for overall good health. Also, once your teeth start cracking, growing cavities or rotting away, it will cost you a month’s rent in NYC to repair that bad boy. They don’t call it a “crown” because it’s cheap and they don’t call it a “root canal” because it’s painless.

2. Call you parents and tell them you love them. Tell them every single day.

3. Teach yourself something that you didn’t have a chance to learn in school: HTML, a second language, how to say “I love you” and then, how to say “I’m sorry”.

4. Become well versed in those absurd words that the Talking Heads…

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