Day 2: Magical Skye Faerie Land

Day 2 of the road trip started by driving through Glen Affric, which is amazingly beautiful, but because of a lack of sunlight and weird clouds, all the pictures I took looked like crap.  From there, we took the long way to the Isle of Skye via the bridge (versus the ferry).  It was just plain awesome.

DSC02078 DSC02085

Yet another castle
Yet another castle…why am I wearing sandles in Scotland?

Once we got to Skye, we decided to head north towards a town called Uig.


Extensive Pinterest research showed us that there was something called the Faerie Glen there, and we knew we had to go. It may have been the greatest and most magical place in the world.



For four days, every time Katie or I saw a lamb, we’d say “AWWWW!” Even after seeing about 5 million lambs, we still exclaimed with delight every time.  I mean how can you not? Look at that guy, he’s so ridiculously cute.

Katie looking awesome
Katie looking awesome

DSC02112 DSC02114 DSC02136 IMG_4369

I loved it here.  I was wearing my Vibrams, so I was hopping around like a hobbit.  And that pretty much became the joke for the rest of the trip.  But that’s okay, I like having hobbit feet. My precious.

But in all seriousness, this place was absolutely beautiful. Some people say that this is the remains of a faerie castle, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a cool looking rock.

We spent the rest of the day driving around the north part of the island and trying not to die on sketchy one lane roads.


Kilt Rock
Kilt Rock

After all of this beauty, we drove back to the town of Portree to try and find a place to stay.  After finding out that the hotel in town would cost 140 pounds for a single twin bed, we kind of thought we were screwed, especially since all of the bed and breakfasts didn’t have any vacancies.  Luckily for us, we found one that was insanely awesome, right down on the water.  So we got Indian food for dinner, and then went and relaxed in our posh B&B.  It’s amazing how much you come to appreciate a nice, comfy bed and a clean shower after you’ve been on the road for 5 months. It’s the simple things, my friends.


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