Day 3: Faerie Pools and Whisky Trolls

Road trip, day 3. First we go check out the Old Man of Storr.


DSC02151Then we went down to the southern part of the island to go on a hike to the Faerie Pools.  This was something I found on Pinterest years ago, and is one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Skye. I can’t believe how beautiful and sunny it was, I swear we were the luckiest girls in the world.

DSC02184 DSC02169 DSC02171 DSC02172 DSC02164 DSC02165 DSC02177

Can you see me?
Can you see me?
SO stoked.
SO stoked.


DSC02202After that, we drove to Neist Point, a lighthouse out in the middle of nowhere.

DSC02208 DSC02229 DSC02226 DSC02221 DSC02219 DSC02213


After a long day on the road, we drove back to Portree and found a new bed and breakfast to lay our heads.  Then we went into town to the bar and got solidly drunk (I needed it after driving for 3 days straight!). While at the bar, we met a volcanolist (to which I immediately made Spock/Vulcan jokes… geeeeeeeek).  We also met a group of Exxon moguls from Norway, but unfortunately none of them wanted to be our sugar daddies (JOKES). The bartender, a man with one of the most ridiculous moustaches I’ve ever seen, gave me one of the greatest quotes I’ve ever heard.  He just got back from traveleing for a couple years, and he said, “I combined my two favorite hobbies, traveling and drinking.”  Love that. He convinced me to try some whisky, and I’m currently obsessed with Edradour, from the smallest distillery in Scotland. Of course I have to like the most rare of the whiskys…damn me.




2 thoughts on “Day 3: Faerie Pools and Whisky Trolls

  1. Loved this series of photos. Thanks for sharing “real” photos of the Faerie Pools, because I was recently duped (hate that) by some fake photos w/ purple trees (thought it might be heather, kind of tarted up a bit) on WordPress, and other places. I still want to see this place, so thanks again for posting. Looks like it was a fun day, plus you had great weather. You WERE very luck girls! Cheers!

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