Tour de Berlin: The Food

Hello friends! Sorry I haven’t written in so long, it’s been a crazy, fun-filled couple in weeks.  Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon, but just be happy with what you get 🙂 For those of you who have emailed to see if I’m still alive- the answer is yes, but just barely!

Katie and I spent four very crazy and funfilled days in Berlin. Thanks to my friends Daniela and Megan, I was able to do, see, and eat everything a real Berliner should. So lucky for you, my dear friends, you get to live vicariously through me!

Daniela is amazing, and emailed me a google mapped out bike tour of Berlin, so Katie and I took two days to do almost everything on her list.  Some things I took pictures of, some things I didn’t, but I’ll go over the highlights. Maybe if you’re really nice to me, I’ll let you in on the secret map.  Anyway, Katie biked our asses off all over Berlin, and then we ate them right back on.

First for the food portion of this adventure. I swear we didn’t eat all of this in one day (the change in clothes and hairstyles is the proof).

Fassbender & Rausch:  Probably the greatest chocolatiers EVER.  They had the most amazing truffles, chocolates, and ganache-filled goodness.  They had a giant airplane made of chocolate.  It was plain great.  Try the passionfruit ganache, it’s out of this world.


Knofi: Turkish food- need I say more? You pay by the weight of your plate, giving you an incentive to save money and be skinnier.  I didn’t take that incentive.  The bean salad is worth the trip alone.


Oh, you know I love Turkish tea
Oh, you know I love Turkish tea

Hamy:  Delicious, cheap, Vietnamese food.  The lunch specials are 4.90 euro.  I had the pho lunch special and a crazy delicious mango smoothie.  Note: this will cure any hangover.

My pho
My pho
Katie's chicken curry
Katie’s chicken curry
Me with my mango smoothie. SO good, why isn't coconut milk in everything?
Me with my mango smoothie. SO good, why isn’t coconut milk in everything?

Kauf Dich Glücklich: Waffles.  Need I say more? Just do it.


Too. Freaking. Good.
Too. Freaking. Good.


Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebab:  Didn’t take any pictures because we were super exhausted (and full), but it was solidly the best kebab I’ve ever had.

Also of note was the Turkish market in Kreuzberg, on Maybachufer Strasse.  It’s only on Tuesday’s and Friday’s, and we were lucky enough to catch it.  We bought copious amounts of bread, spreads, bean salad, and turkish delights and ate them for dinner.  It’s not quite like being in Istanbul, but it’s about as close as you can get while staying in Berlin.


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