It’s not Rome…

Throughout our travels, Katie and I have been joking that Rome has ruined us for all cities, and that our road trip of Scotland ruined us for other beautiful places, because they are both so amazing.  So when we arrived in Split, Katie, Aaron, and I all agreed that it wasn’t Rome.  As the bus was pulling into the city, we were all very dissapointed, having had a different image in our heads of what Split was supposed to look like.  However, as we got lost looking for our hostel (happens every time), we stumbled into the Old City, and realized how wrong we were about first impressions.

While we still didn’t get the best weather during our time in Split, we were able to walk around and enjoy the Old City. It’s not Rome, but it’s pretty damn close.

IMG_4484 IMG_4483 IMG_4481 IMG_4480

The Old City of Split is centered in the UNESCO World Heritage sight of Diocletian’s Palace, which was built in the 3rd and 4th century AD.  The level of preservation of the ancient buildings are outstanding, and the architecture of the later built buildings blends in perfectly.  When inside those cities walls, you can’t help but say, “WOW.”

Unfortunately, on our second night there it rained, and the marble sidewalks while soaking wet are extremely slippery.  Watching Katie trying to walk on the wet stones was probably the highlight of this particular destination, although I have a feeling she wouldn’t agree.

On our second day in Split, we decided to take the ferry to Hvar Island, which was about a 2 hour ferry from Split.  The ride along the way was beautiful.

DSC02405 IMG_4491 IMG_4490 DSC02404


Upon arrival in the port of Hvar, we took a bus to Hvar City.  Hvar City was stunning, and we enjoyed our day eating a long lunch and sunning ourselves in one of the beach clubs (that is, until the clouds rolled in and we froze our asses off!)

DSC02419 DSC02418 DSC02412 DSC02420 DSC02415 IMG_4499


All in all, our time in Split was nice, but I feel as if we didn’t spend enough time there to get the full experience.  And the weather didn’t help us much.  Since having gone to Split, I’ve heard all kinds of stories about amazing beach parties and cliff jumping, but that wasn’t the Croatian experience we got.  Maybe next time.


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