Cliff Bars and Buckets

Probably my favorite parts of Dubrovnik were the cliff bars. Situated outside of the city walls, these bars are built into the cliffs and have only outdoor seating.  They also have a limited and somewhat more expensive drink list, but the views alone are worth it, many times we went just to enjoy a cold coffee or soda.  We went there everyday we were in Dubrovnik, sometimes multiple times in a day, just to watch the waves crash on the rocks. Who needs a tv if you have waves upon rocks? I could have sat there and watched them forever.

Since we had somewhat bad weather, our dreams of cliff jumping were dashed against the rocks (quite literally), but I can only imagine how fun these places must be when the weather is nice when you have locals and tourists alike jumping off the cliffs into the clear blue water of the Adriatic Sea.

DSC02482 DSC02491 DSC02492 DSC02497 DSC02499


The sign says, "Access Denied, Danger to Life." Oh, you mean jumping off cliffs is dangerous? I had no idea!
The sign says, “Access Denied, Danger to Life.” Oh, you mean jumping off cliffs is dangerous? I had no idea!


This may be one of my favorite pictures I took on my trip.  Let’s explain.  Earlier in the day, we went to the beach.  In typical fashion, as soon as we got to the beach and went to change into our suits, the clouds rolled in and it got very cold and windy.  We decided we would go in anyway, so Aaron charges into the water, while Katie and I slowly walk in.  Once the water got up to our knees, we decided this was a terrible idea, leaving Aaron to swim and freeze alone.  For the rest of the day we had to listen to Aaron whine about how mean we were for not going in with him, and how he was freezing off his man bits in his wet shorts.  Katie says to him, “You can wear my Lululemon shirt… it’s pretty warm.”  And that’s how we got Aaron to wear a really tight, female workout shirt. Isn’t he pretty?

DSC02519 IMG_4530

Aaron and Katie, sitting on a cliff.
Aaron and Katie, sitting on a cliff.


View from the beach onto Dubrovnik. Thanks clouds.
View from the beach onto Dubrovnik. Thanks clouds.

Another noteable experience that happened while in Dubrovnik was finding a place called Skybar, where they sold bucket cocktails for 69 Kuna (roughly $12 US).  This is a dangerous prospect– I had a drink that included vodka, rum, pineapple and orange juices, and blue.  Not Blue Curacao, this is Blue Curacao’s white trash (or cashed-out bogan, for my Aussie readers) cousin.  Basically, it was a hangover in a bucket.  There was one girl with us that was MAYBE 5 feet tall, and she got vodka redbull in a bucket… I’m really not sure how she didn’t die.  The next day was death for me… The first of many reminders that I’m not 21 anymore…

I spy a love connection in the background... ;)
I spy a love connection in the background… 😉
Look at my photography skills… got my bucket in the way.
Look at my photography skills… got my bucket in the way.

Leaving Croatia was also an adventure.  We decided to take an overnight ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari, Italy.  We went to the grocery store to buy a cheap dinner before getting on the boat, and what we left with was a joke of a meal.  Bread with cheese, lots of Haribo, some apple and pear cider, and chocolate.  Just ridiculous.

As we walked toward our cabin, we hear two girls yelling, “HELP US!!! HELP US!!!!!!” I thought for sure someone was dead or dying, so we rushed to their aid.  Turns out, the lock to their room was broken, so they were locked in their cabin for about 30 minutes.  For all you claustrophobics out there, this cabin was about 8X8 with no windows. I would have been FREAKING out as well.

The sea that night was really rocky, but it was beautiful.

IMG_4546 IMG_4552

When we woke up we were in beautiful Bari, Italy. If you can help it, try not to go here, or get the first bus/train out.

On a side note, Katie’s mom pointed out to Katie that by reading my blog it looks like all we do is drink.  Well, I’m not going to try to deny that perhaps during some portions of this trip I indulged more than I would under regular circumstances.  However, I would say the majority of the time we were not drunk or drinking.  If I wrote a blog post about what a normal day looked like, none of you fine folks would ever come back to my site. It would like something like this.

Katie and Brittany walk down the street of some really cool city. They are both silent, because they have been together for weeks and no longer need to speak, they are basically telepathic of one another and really don’t have anything of value to say anyway.

Brittany: That building is cool.

Katie: Oh, yeah.

They take a picture, continue walking.

Katie: I just sent that to all my friends on Snap Chat.

Brittany: Oh, look at that cute guy that just walked by. I love whatever European country we are in today, because the guys here are (insert whichever adjective you’d like: tall, handsome, well dressed, glasses wearers, tan, etc, etc).

Katie: Me too.  Oh look, ice cream/chocolate/coffee/candy…. let’s go in.

Brittany: Okay! I love spending money!!

I just thought I’d clear that up so that no one tries to send us to rehab now that we’re back in the States.


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