Magical Santorini

Hi friends, sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been wallowing in the fact that my travelin’ days are over (for now, not forever!).  I’ll get more into that later, for now, let’s just enjoy the magic that was Santorini.

Santorini is a lovely island; a beautiful, volcanic desert stuck in the middle of the sea.  White buildings contrast against the Grand Canyon-esque cliffs that go straight into the clear royal blue water.  Katie and I stayed in a 4 star hotel in Fira for 1/8 of its regular cost because we booked it the night before we left (procrastinators unite!), so it was by far the most comfortable of our stays during our stay.  The place was called Astro Palace…what a ridiculous name. We almost didn’t stay there due to the funky name, but I’m glad we did because they treated us really well.

Anyway, the best part of Santorini were the veiws. I know some of you (Dad) get upset when I don’t post any words, but Santorini left me speechless!

Which do you like better? Santorini by day, or Santorini at sunset?

IMG_4696 DSC02595 DSC02598 DSC02599Are you ready for some sunsets?


Happy Bee at sunset
Happy Bee at sunset

IMG_4714 IMG_4722 DSC02547 DSC02548 DSC02550 IMG_4732 DSC02601

Last Santorini sunset
Last Santorini sunset

DSC02604 DSC02606The nightlife on Santorini was pretty fun as well.  We went to a little Scottish bar (which wasn’t Scottish at all) called the Highlander pretty much every night, and we met some really fun and interesting people.  Just like pretty much everywhere else we went, we met tons of extremely friendly Australians, including a high powered female business owner (she’s like besties with the Prime Minister). That’s a number I’ll hold onto in case I ever need to move to Australia!

Midnight of my birthday disgusting sugary shots!
Midnight of my birthday disgusting sugary shots!

I spent my 26th birthday in Santorini, but that gets its own post!



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